VIDEO: Danyal Aziz faces journalists’ wrath for calling Imran media’s favourite child

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Danyal Aziz faced an awkward situation at a recent presser when a journalist rose to object the politician’s remarks in which he labeled PTI chairman Imran Khan as ‘media persons’ son-in-law’ in apparent displeasure to Khan being given media coverage equal to those of government dignitaries.

It all started when PML-N’s member National Assembly Aziz reportedly expressed his resentment on media for giving coverage to Khan and even called the PTI chief as ‘son-in-law’ of the media. This statement perhaps didn’t go well with the journos attending the government’s press briefing in the Press Information Department in Islamabad, who in turn reacted with fury.

One of the journalists rose to his seat and sought apology from the MNA for his remarks that questioned media objectivity in covering national leaders.

The journalist said it was not acceptable to any media person that such allegations were leveled on them, who perform their duties with impartiality. He also turned his face to other media men sitting in the room and sought their affirmation if they agree to his call. Majority of them responded with ‘yes’ and raised their hands in nod.

Here’s what Danyal Aziz responded to furious reaction of the journo.

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