Tax Do Pakistan Ki Khatir | Special Transmission | Adil Abbasi and Maria Memon | 22 June 2019

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(Current Affairs)

Guests: Adil Abbasi,Maria Memon,Sabir Shakir,Hammad Azhar PTI (Minister of State for Revenue),Shabbar Zaidi (FBR Chairman),Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (Chairman of the AKD Group),Ashfaq Yousuf Tola (Member Tax Reforms Commission),Siraj Kassam Teli (BMG Chairman)

WATCH: Those who are paying taxes already, what benifits will they reap?

What is the Asset Declaration Scheme and how can you reap it’s benifits?

How will the people who have Gold find benefit from the scheme?

What can create hindrance in Asset Declaration, what are the easy ways for declaration?

Which Prize Bonds need registeration? How can the new scheme prove beneficial? Watch details

Good news for Overseas Pakistani’s….. What benefits will they get from the scheme

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