Sehwan residents enraged as remains of blast victims found in dump

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HYDERABAD: In what appears to a case of gross negligence and desecration, remains of the victims of terror attack at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan were found on Saturday in nearby drains and garbage dumps in Sehwan.

The revelations that the remains of the victims were not disposed properly alarmed not only the residents of Sehwan but even Jamshoro and Hyderabad, as victims’ families blamed the administration for declaring the site of the blast was cleared and the remains were disposed as per necessary procedures and rituals.

Sehwan residents complained of the unusual stench emanating from a dump near the shrine, only to be horrified when they discovered the remains of human organs of the blast victims. This infuriated them and they protested against the gross negligence.

Superintendent Police and Deputy Commissioner (DCO) Manzoor Mahesar accepted the negligence and gave the baffling excuse that the death toll of 88 and 320 injured was usually high, and were scattered across and it may be possible that some remains might have been left behind. He said that they had secured the place and collected all necessary evidence.

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