PM hopeful to bring foreign investment in Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: Inviting global entrepreneurs to invest in Pakistan and take advantage of its strategic location, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan is set on track for sustainable growth.

Addressing corporate and business leaders from around the world in Islamabad today, Mr. Sharif said Pakistan with its sixth largest population in the world, eighty million middle class and attractive investment environment was a destination no global player could miss.

The Prime Minister invited them to take benefit from the economic revival of Pakistan and enjoy the first mover’s advantage.

Mr. Sharif said CPEC is a key regional initiative for connectivity and shared prosperity of nations. Apart from energy, road and rail infrastructure, industrial parks and economic zones and a state of the art Deep Sea Port at Gwadar gives CPEC the potential of changing the destiny of the people in the region and beyond.

“The corridor will substantially shorten transportation distances between Africa and Middle East to Central and South Asian regions. CPEC would connect the port of Gwadar to Kashghar.”

The Prime Minister said when the Government took over, the economy faced severe energy shortages, inflationary pressures, exchange rate volatility and a precarious security environment. Today, the Government has managed to stabilize the economy despite unfavourable global economic conditions, he claimed.

He said from a 3% GDP growth before 2013, the country is projected to achieve 5.5% GDP growth this year. The economy is targeted to grow over 8% between 2018 and 2025 while maintaining a single digit inflation

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