News @ 3 – 7th Feb 2017

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KARACHI: Sindh Police chief AD Khawaja has called for change in laws to improve the efficiency of the police department.

Inspector General Police (IGP) Sindh speaking at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce spoke extensively about the challenges faced by the Sindh police force.

He raised questions about the efficacy of the colonial era law in 21st century highlighting the need to change the archaic law to enable the police force to serve the society.

Sindh Police chief talking about the perception that the police force needs crutches to function said the police force declined between 1995 and 1996.

He said after the operation in Karachi executed successfully in 90s, the police officers, who had participated in the operation, were killed one after another. Their killers sat comfortably at the positions of power, the police chief claimed. The killings hit the morale of the policemen, he further said.

He urged for change in the colonial era laws to ensure an efficient policing in the society.


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