News @ 3 – 29th July 2017

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vice chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday said the party does not intend to wrap up democracy in the country, but will instead safeguard it.

Addressing media, he said the the historic Panama Case verdict will be remembered for a long time, as it made the powerful and the weak stand together in the same queue.

He said that they do not intend to warp up democracy in the country, but will instead defend it against all threats. “PTI raised its voice against corruption across the country. If there is even a hint of corruption on me, it will be clearly visible.”

He said the in the past the judiciary relied upon the doctrine of necessity, but now there is an independent judiciary in the country, which the whole nation has witnessed after the Panama case verdict.

“The mind and the pen are both free today,” he said. “There will across the board accountability now,” he added reminding the days of selective justice are now over.

He said the opposition parties will convene a meeting to given a clear message that it will not be part of any conspiracy. Pakistan People’s Party is leading efforts to call for a parliamentary session to elect the leader of the House.

Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Khursheed Shah has contacted several opposition parties to bring a joint candidate against the interim prime minister being proposed by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz.

PTI Secretary General Jehangir Khan Tareen said that the process of accountability has just begun, and now its a matter of time before the Sharif family is behind bars.

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