News @ 3 – 26th September 2018

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RAWALPINDI: 25 non-custom-paid luxury vehicles that were found at a textile mill of former NAB chairman, Saifur Rehman, belong to Qatari embassy, according to sources.

A day earlier, customs officials raided the warehouse owned by close aide of Nawaz Sharif, Saifur Rehman, and recovered 25 luxury vehicles parked at Redco Textiles Limited in Rawalpindi.

The ownership of 21 out of 25 non-custom-paid luxury vehicles has been claimed by the embassy of Qatar on Wednesday stipulating that members of Qatari royal family use these vehicles during their recreational activity of hunting.

According to details, the cars were parked at the godown of former senator with the permission of government of Pakistan and a fee was also charged for the parking purpose.

The rules were violated in the use of these vehicles owing to which the cars can be impounded as per the sources.

Under the custom act, the officials are expected to take an action on the unlawful use of embassy’s vehicles, the sources informed.

On July 30, the Sindh government in compliance with the Supreme Court order retrieved 149 luxury vehicles from the former cabinet members and government officers and parked in the government transport pool for utilizing them as per u

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