Imran Khan furnishes new evidence in Panama Papers case

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Imran Khan furnishes new evidence in Panama Papers case

ISLAMABAD: Briefing media on the additional documentary evidence PTI submitted at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said, “It is not a task of political parties to provide evidences in any case.”

He added, “Evidences are provided by government institutions” during the press conference.

“We will prove that PM Nawaz lied at the parliament and courts,” Khan said and added, “Sharif family is being run on presents and gifts.”

“Mariam Nawaz was a beneficiary of two companies which she denied,” he said and added, “She is the owner of Nelson and Nescol companies.”

Khan said that money-laundering cash was sent outside the country which was later brought back to Pakistan.

“It is evident from the Qatari Prince letter that the property belongs to Hussain Nawaz,” said Chairman PTI and continued that “We will prove that no trust was ever made.”

Imran Khan challenged the Sharif family to deny the documentary evidence, PTI submitted at the SC today.

“We will accept the verdict of SC bench in the Panagamate case,” Khan assured the media.

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