Bulletins 1200 1st April 2017

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JAMSHORO: At least two people injured when a fire broke out in Peshawar-bound Khushal Khan Khattak Express train near Lal Bagh area of Sehwan, ARY News reported.

The train had left for Peshawar from Karachi when a fire erupted in a bogie, which engulfed three other compartments after reaching Sehwan.

The blaze, within short time, engulfed three other bogies of the train leaving two passengers injured.

According to Railway sources, the driver immediately stopped the train when fire reported to rescue the passengers. However, no loss of life has been reported.

The Railway sources confirmed that the fire broke out due to short circuit.

Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) reached the spot and fire brigade was called for firefighting and rescue operation.

Khushal Khan Khattak Express left for Peshawar after separating the fire-hit four bogies from the train.

The creaking infrastructure of Pakistan Railways causes regular accidents and losses of life. In an incident last month, a Karachi-bound train was collided with an oil tanker near Sheikhupura leaving two people dead and 10 others injured.


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