Another MQM MPA defects to Mustafa Kamal’s party

March 22, 2017 637 No Comments


KARACHI: Another provincial lawmaker belonging to the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) Abdullah Sheikh defected to Pak Sarzameen Party on Monday, ARY News reported.

Announcing latest induction to the PSP, party chief Mustafa Kamal claimed that a lot people were in contact with his party and said all of them were ‘

He underlined that PSP was not pressurizing any individual to join the party ranks, “they all are doing on their own”. He said he stood on his view from day one and never backtracked on it.

He said PSP was organizing a large convention at Nishtar Park tomorrow.

Speaking on the occasion, Sindh Assembly member Sheikh said the decision to become a PSP part was taken after a long deliberation. “I am being constantly told from London that the mandate is mine,” he claimed.

A number of MQM lawmakers including Iftikhar Alam, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Bilquis Mukhtar and Ashfaq Mangi have left the MQM for PSP while, one PTI Sindh lawmaker Syed Hafeezuddin has also joined Kamal’s party.


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