Another CCTV footage of sehwan sharif blast

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SEHWAN SHARIF: The death toll in Thursday’s suicide attack at Sufi shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan City of Sindh soared to 80 as five injured of the terrorist attack succumbed to their injuries in hospitals, ARY News reported. Around 210 people were reportedly injured in the incident. Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has claimed responsibility of the attack, AFP reports. The bombing occurred in the shrine during the ‘dhamaal’ ritual, DIG Hyderabad Khadim Hussain Rind said. The police officer added that at least 20 children, 9 women, 45 men and one policeman were killed in the blast. “The blast occurred within the premises of the shrine, we have declared emergency in hospitals and are shifting the injured to nearby hospitals,” Deputy Commissioner Munawar Mahesar told ARY News. Images of the shrine showed blood smeared on the white floor around the grave, with debris and shoes scattered around. Survivors and local residents, many in tears, were helping the blood-soaked wounded on to stretchers, while at Sehwan’s overcrowded medical facility the injured were being treated on floors and in corridors. Emergency services are basic in Sehwan, with the nearest main hospital some 130 kilometres away.

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